Thursday, January 16, 2014

The difference a few days make

Yesterday began with rain and as the sun came up, the rain became a fine mist, the clouds began to disappear and this lovely rainbow appeared.  

We've had a bit of warm weather this week at times with rain and even one glorious sunny day, so our snow is melting. We all know this means we'll have a second winter, but right now it's grand to be rid of snow banks and roof snow. 

Here are some after and before pictures (click to enlarge).

Parking area 
 Roof & entry: this week an last week

 Barbecue now & then

A clear driveway now 

Kale emerging from the snow

1 comment:

Susan and Randy said...

Same deal here, only lots, and lots, and lots of rain. The road, in places, is like driving knee-deep in angry oatmeal. The roof is leaking. The basement is leaking. We're leaving for Mexico in less than two weeks. RAH.