Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter when it isn't yet winter

Before the Sunday storm

I know we're not alone, but I just want to say, we're having an awful lot of winter here in Cape Breton before it's really winter. We cleared out snow on Saturday (had already done a couple of big shovellings and ploughings) to make room for the snow coming on Sunday. And indeed the snow came on Sunday. A bright morning for shovelling & snow blowing this morning, and it's blowing again tonight. Bah!

Christmas lights through a snow packed window

The morning after

This morning dove kept trying to get in through the window

A partridge (grouse, really) in a snowy birch tree

Storm time = puzzle time


bighillpottery said...

Great images....but wow, this is too much, too early! how come you got some blue skies....i think i saw a sliver of blue for about 2 minutes!

just think, only 4 more months of it :)


Susan Zettell said...

It was fleeting blue sky, Linda (how are you anyway?). Long enough to get snowshoes on, get out back & take a picture and before we got home again the sun was gone. But the photo proves there was a bit of blue out there in December. Got a card from a friend in Victoria who saw her first snow drop last week. I wept. -- SMZ